Excerpt From My Up-Coming Book

The following is an excerpt from my newest manuscript. We are not sharing the name of the book just yet. However, here is a sneak-preview.

(Note- This is subject to some final editing)

Lone-Wolf Christians become wolf-lunch, Alpo-Christians!

An admonition to those that think they can go it alone.

As Paul wrote, in Ephesians 5:19, “…speaking to yourselves…”, this also means to one another. It is expected that we are part of the family of God. We are a family—a community. Paul was writing to a church, a community of believers. Jesus spoke of the shepherd leaving the ninety and nine and going after the one sheep. We were never intended to be lone-wolf-Christians! We need Him, and we need each other! Any person who names the Name of Christ, as Savior and Lord, yet sees no need to avail themselves of the gathering of family and community of believers in Christ, cannot be what God intended them to be. They cannot be an effective witness for Christ. They are estranged from the family. They may carry the name, but not the fellowship and closeness that family gives when they are in touch with each other and get together when possible. Granted, the early church met in homes instead of big elaborate buildings, like we have today, but make no mistake—they met together, and they met often!

Especially in our personal worship, we need to be filled with His Spirit and His Word, to perform the task He has placed in front of us. The phrase, be filled, in Ephesians 5:18 is in the present tense and gives us the sense that we are to be constantly filled. When we are filled, in our personal worship, our corporate worship takes on a whole new face. Imagine if every Christian came to Sunday Worship, having spent quality time with God all week long! It would be amazing! We would see the singing and praise become something like we have never experienced. Pastors would expound the Word with an anointing that would even amaze themselves. We would leave with a desire to share our faith in Christ. People would come to know Jesus as their Savior. Lives would be changed—families would be changed—communities would be changed, and ultimately our entire nation!

Our witness is effective, when it emerges from a life devoted to time spent with the Lord, in His Presence and in His Word.

We must never labor under the erroneous notion that we can be an effective witness, provided, we fess-up right before we share the Gospel. Of course, we should always pray and confess our sins, but what I mean is that some seem to have the idea that we can live like we want to and just pray-up, before we try to witness to someone (or attend church) and all will be right, and we can be effective. This is not what God intended. He intends us to be ready at any given moment filled with His Spirit. This can only be fully accomplished as we spend daily time alone with The Lord, regular fellowship together with the family of God, being filled with His Spirit and being obedient to His Will for our lives. His Will is that we be an active part of the local Family of Christ.

God’s anointing and guidance is intended that we have a daily, intimate walk with Him. This is the way that we are empowered to be an effective witness. His Word and Wisdom need to infuse us, daily. A consistent Christian walk is necessary to be an effective witness. The power does not originate with us, but His Presence resides in us (provided we have placed our faith and trust in Christ). Therefore, His Light radiates through us, “…now are ye light in the Lord. (Eph. 5:8) We will be as “…a light that shineth in a dark place”. (2 Peter 1:19) The Greek word, here translated light, suggests a torch. Peter admonishes to take heed, as one would to a torch burning in the night—a dark place. Such a light would be unable to escape notice. We are commanded to be that light—that torch—in this spiritually dark world! The words translated: dark place, suggests a place that is, literally: dry, parched, and figuratively: squalid and rough, dingy, murky, obscure—dark—funereal, producing strong heat, providing dust that is filled with extraneous filth (with suspended elements) which impede vision, and is miserable. This is a fairly, accurate description of the world in which we now live. That which fuels the torch we carry is the Holy Spirit. He is the Oil in our lamp (torch, lychno) and the brighter He shines through us, the brighter the Light of the Gospel shines, bringing men, women, boys and girls to Himself.

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