Quid Pro ‘Snow’!

Quid Pro ‘Snow’

By Jesse Prewitt

Is COVID-19 the worst pandemic to hit the United States of America?

Is this the reason that we have been effectively “quarantined” as a nation? Or, could there be some sinister reason behind crashing the economy, trashing the President and causing wide-spread panic among the American people?

First, some background

The cry heard far and wide, in the previous year, reaching as far back as 2016 in its roots, has been: Quid Pro Quo! Most understand this Latin term used by the legal system to designate something received in return for something given. This term was used ad nauseum by those opposing and attempting to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

Seeing that nothing could prevail in the previous attempts the strategy has fallen to a back-up plan that I have dubbed, Quid Pro Snow! If you are attempting to win at any cost and determined to remove a sitting president that has done all that you have promised, yet refused to do in the past 40 years, you tend to grow desperate. When this duly elected president is loved by the heartland of America who elected him, and he has excelled in all he has put his hand to, it makes you look incompetent, to say the least. When all efforts to criticize, demoralize, and even demonize this president have totally failed, you have no choice but to go after the one thing that stands out as a shining accomplishment: the booming economy! Under President Trump, America is enjoying the lowest unemployment and the highest stock market of any in my lifetime. Business is finally growing again. People are back to work. Jobs and industry that were once the hallmark of American culture, are gradually returning to their home country.

Where have they been?

These same corporations and industries, that originated on American soil, had been jettisoned to foreign countries, by the previous several administrations’ policies. (I have made a couple of videos regarding this that can be found on my book’s FaceBook page: America: Danger Close!) I have stated for a long time that industry is much like electricity; it will follow the path of least resistance.  Higher taxes and heavy regulations are the enemy of business. You can thank the Quid Pro Quo’s of the past few administrations for that.

Why is America in panic-mode?

Is it because COVID-19 is the worst pandemic to hit the US? Who pushed the panic button?

Let’s look at the facts.

Under Obama’s administration, H1N1 flu affected millions in the United States and around the world. The CDC states that almost 61 million Americans had the virus in the first year (60.8 million). This timeframe was between 4/12/09 to 4/10/2010. Almost 275,000 Americans were hospitalized (274,304), during this initial year. Nearly 12,500 Americans died from H1N1 (12,469). (https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/basics/past-pandemics.html)

What was the administration’s response to this? The response was to wash your hands, protect yourselves and stay home if you’re sick. Good advice!

So, why the panic with the current situation? Could it be that to shut down small businesses which is the heart of our economy, will damage the precious economic gains this president has made? Could it be that to force people to stay home or face fines, causing the unemployment progress of the past 3 years to soar high, be at the core of this panic-imposing strategy? Could it be that all the main-stream-media can find to talk about is this same panic to the point of nausea?

Could it be that in attempts to blame the president over this tragedy, that the media fails to mention that the Obama administration failed to replenish the national supply of N95 masks, that were used up in the H1N1 pandemic?

The USA Today reports on this and finds it to be true.(https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/04/03/fact-check-did-obama-administration-deplete-n-95-mask-stockpile/5114319002/)

Am I the only one that can see the big picture, here? The big picture seems to contain too many coincidences to be just that. Don’t be surprised if the battle-cry of the Left is that unemployment and the economy are trash under Trump and that America needs a change.

Where have we heard that before?

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