No, The Covid Vaccine is Not The Mark of The Beast!

Image result for photo of hypodermic needle

By: Jesse Prewitt

The coming Biblical phenomenon widely known as The Mark of The Beast transcends any simply physical imprint, chip, or blemish on the epidermis or under the subcutaneous layer of skin of the human body. The outward is but a visible representation of a deeper spiritual condition. It is a condition of the heart of man.

The Bible describes this as being visible on the forehead or hand of the person, but something much more is visible in the spiritual realm. Think of it as an individual with a dark and evil heart that dresses the part. The outward is only symptomatic of the inner self.

Much chatter and concern arises each time some event occurs such as the vaccine for covid, or the possibility of some computer micro chip being potentially injected under the skin of a person’s hand. Although the chip idea may very well play a part in the upcoming days, still the true Mark of The Beast goes deeper than just on the outside.

Think of this as you would cattle being herded into corrals to be sold or transported. What we are witnessing in these current days is more akin to the masses being herded up and conditioned to what is about to happen. The mark is more like the final step in branding the cattle for market or identification. The ownership is already established yet the mark, or brand, is placed upon the animal as a final step in identifying who the owner is.

Every person on the face of the globe, regardless of social status, race or national origin, enters this world sharing the same spiritual condition—a condition of the heart known as sin. We are all sinners. The only antidote or “vaccination” against an eternity apart from God is a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the only way, the only Savior.

Don’t waste your time simply attempting to avoid some physical mark while ignoring the spiritual condition of your heart and life. Place your trust in Christ before  that day comes and in Him you can have eternal life.

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